Client Videos

My clients appreciate how I help them.

And I appreciate their trust in me - here are some of their comments...

Petrie Raddock - Overcame Anxiety

Strength training has allowed Petrie to overcome few anxiety issues and feels a lot more confident in herself now. She enjoys compliments from friends and family who she hasn’t seen for a while and would want more women to come forward and give systematic strength training a fair go.

“ It empowers you when you see you can now lift something heavy that you couldn’t before “
“ Your body can adapt to anything , it’s just your mind that you need to convince”

Jarod Burl – From 175kgs to 159kgs

Jarod has now learned how to eat properly for performance.

He's formed new healthy habits that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

“I really enjoy it and kind of miss it when I am not here. I am really glad with the results”

Sue Crampton – Energy Bunny

Sue struggled with knee pain and flexibility after knee replacement and is now able to bend her knees, can squat, lift weights, and most important feels very confident about herself.

“I have achieved such a lot and I feel so much better in myself and have got more flexibility and energy and want to go with this even further”

Bob Crampton - A Happy Man

Bob’s constant knee pain is gone. He is confident in his movements, such as going up and down stairs and has made a huge difference in his freedom of getting around.

“I have been coming here for 6 weeks and the difference is amazing”

Hong Bin – Likes Systematic Approach

Hong Bin had been to gyms before but wasn’t able to see much progress and now adores the customizable strength training program just made for him which really helps in playing badminton and his favourite Archery.

"Whenever I feel blue and depressed and want to drop out , you are always there to help me"

Matthew Jones – Strength Is His Thing

Matthew was blown away with the intensity of the workouts and the customer service I provided eg: getting a fresh towel and a bottle of water at every workout.

“Healthy habits motivate you more. Parking your your car further away from the destination, doing your morning routine, and coming to personal training sessions with your coach goes a long way”

Angela Koh – Now Loves Stretching

Angela(Lawyer) and Martin(Accountant) lived sedentary lifestyles and skipped meals. Now they feel feel fitter, stronger, have incorporated stretches and walks even during work hours, forming healthy habits.

"It’s not hard and the little things in daily life make a huge difference"