About Me

About Me

I was a very inquisitive kid who liked to ask questions, always wanted to know how things work, or what causes us to do certain things. Went to Australia at the age of 17 and completed Bachelor of Computing from Charles Sturt University, Melbourne.

I was born Asthmatic and enjoyed playing cricket but couldn't even run more that 100 meters without huffing and puffing. I had to keep an inhaler with me 24/7.

Through sheer perseverance and effort, I have become very healthy, fit, and strong. Now I like to assist people achieve their health, strength, and fitness goals as a Fitness Habits Coach & a personal trainer in north shore Auckland.

The problem:

I met with a tragic accident that caused me to be in ICU for 3 days and in Post Traumatic Amnesia for a long period.

After 11 days when I came to my senses, I was the last person to know about my car accident.

Further on , I had issues with short term memory loss, mobility and movements, cervical injury, plastic surgery, and facial scarring.

I'm LUCKY to be alive - it could've been game over.

Somehow I completed my degree in a broken state (haha) and went to India - my parents wanted me there. Worked in Mumbai for Dell Computers but didn't really enjoy it so went back home to Punjab.

Becoming fit for life:

Arrived in Auckland, NZ in February 2012. Completed my Graduate Diploma in computing and worked another 3 years in the IT industry.

I had gained a lot of fat and tried bro science, even lost 10-12kgs back and forth (like a yo-yo - which can be a problem with diets).

Frustrated with my lack of progress in dealing with my weight, I decided to learn the science behind it.

In studying for my current qualification I learned about anatomy, bones, and joints so I could become fit for life.

Now I want to share my knowledge to help others with their journey - so they can also become