My philosophy of being healthy

We should form healthy habits that you could keep for life instead of short-term transformations.

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My goal is to provide my clients healthy habits that they can stick with for the rest of their lives. I've been able to do that by training them just ONCE a week.

What have you got to LOSE - stress? kilos? inches?
What have you got to GAIN - confidence? energy? strength?

(I'm based in Auckland, on the North Shore)

Everything we do, whoever we are, is because of our habits and beliefs. So I start from the neurological level.

My clients have seen great results because I've been able to tweak those things. 

So often we engulf ourselves in magic ‘diet’ programs which work but only for a short time. Because we have always been eating a certain way, to change that requires patience, understanding, and strategy.

I have the patience to help you understand and devise a strategy that will work for you (because we are all different)

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We are conditioned to believe that pizza, burgers, fries, etc are bad foods.

People usually feel guilty after eating them. On the other hand, Broccoli is one of the worlds healthiest food. What will happen if you eat 2kgs of Broccoli? You will probably pass wind for a week. No food is good or bad but it's the quantity that matters. We must aim to include fruits and veggies in our daily nutrition.